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In keeping with the Mission of Sinochecks to promote better insight, clarity and excellence, Sinochecks pledge to uphold the following Code of Ethics and obligate them:

  • To practice the highest standards of fairness, honesty and integrity;
  • To carry high standards of professional conduct;
  • To maintain impartiality and neutrality in the process of analysis;
  • To establish appropriate procedures that address high risk areas in relation to business conduct;
  • To handle all information with utmost care and confidentiality, and adopt appropriate procedures to that end;
  • To compete in an ethical manner and make no misrepresentation about others or ourselves
  • To comply with applicable laws, regulations and company policies;
  • Take corrective measures to address any operating procedure that may contribute to violations of the code; and
  • To terminate a continuing contract and business relationships with persons who deviate from the principles underlying the code.